How to pay with Gift Cards

Do not place an order when you are not ready.

We only Accept Walmart Gift Cards, Vanilla Visa, or Master Card, for US payments. Amazon Gift Cards for Payment from Europe and Vanilla Visa, Visa Gift Cards, Master Gift Cards or Google Play Gift Cards for Payment from Canada.

How to Purchase and Use a Gift Card to Buy

The process is the same for all gift cards.

How to Buy a Gift Cards

Go to any Walmart, Target, 7/11, Walgreen, Dollar General or any similar store and ask to buy a the Gift Card type you want to use.

  The Gift Cards Should be equivalent to your Order’s sum total.

Gift cards have a Maximum Load Limit (Usually 200$ or 500$) Per Card so you might need multiple cards to fulfill a large order. For example two 500$ cards for a 1000$ order.

Placing your Order

Once you have the cards in hand, you can then submit your order.

Choose your desired product(s), add to cart, proceed to check out and choose gift cards as your payment method.

Take a Picture of the front and back of the card.  Also take a picture of the receipt you were given after the cards were purchased.

Keep your cards handy as you must upload the cards as soon as possible after you have submitted your order.

Completing your Payment

Once you have placed your order, you will have to upload your card(s) As soon as possible.  We normally expect the payment to be uploaded within 24 hours of placing an order.

Proceed to the Payment Upload page.

Enter your order number, billing email address.  Upload the images of the front and back of the card as well as image of the payment receipt. You can upload multiple images at a time.

You can also send the cards via SMS to  +1(415) 761 4701 or wickr:

Walmart Gift Cards
Front and back
Vanilla Visa Gift Card
Front and Back