How to Make the Payment

The payment methods listed on the checkout page are the only payment methods we accept.

All payment must be made the same day as the order is placed so wait until your payment is ready before submitting an order.  Unfortunately, all customers who fail to complete their payment the same day will be permanently prohibited.

Our 2 Best Payment Methods

Paying with Bitcoin- Crypto

Click here to know more on how to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Paying with Gift Cards

We accept; Walmart Gift Cards, Vanilla Visa Gift Cards, and Vanilla Master Gift Cards. Click here to learn more on how to pay with gift cards.

Payment per Location

Best Payment for the U.S

Bitcoin, Walmart Gift Cards, Vanilla VISA Gift Cards, Vanilla Master Gift Cards, or any other payment methods listed on the checkout page.

Best Payment for Canada

Bitcoin, Vanilla Visa Gift Cards,  Visa Gift Cards, Master Gift Cards, and Google Play Gift Cards. Additional Payment methods might be listed on the checkout page.

Best Payment Elsewhere.

 Elsewhere includes all other locations, UK, AU, EU, and more. Bitcoin,  Amazon Gift Cards, Any Visa Gift Cards. We might accept more payment methods, see checkout page.

Place an order only when Ready

All Payments must be submitted the same day as placing an order if not the order will be declined and you will be permanently prohibited by our system. See how it works.